Levo: The Goodness of Spa and Salon

Levo: The Goodness of Spa and Salon

Being a mommy of 4 I have actually always been a bit worried concerning germs as well as keeping my kids healthy, particularly during chilly and also flu period. As I make sure we all are.

Don’t get me incorrect, I wasn’t a fanatic or anything … hell a little bit of dirt never killed any individual, right? Well, that I recognize of, and waaaaay back when in ‘the good old days’ we just really did not have all of the anti-bacterial items or even the problems or interest on it that we have today.

Since we are a lot a lot more conscious today than years earlier, it is necessary to do our best or protect ourselves from any type of hazardous microorganisms or virus that can, not 강남가라오케 just steal time far from us, yet actually threaten our lively hoods and also acquire so pretty hefty clinical expenses to boot! Nevertheless, no matter just how hard we try in your home or when we out as well as around, there is simply no other way to always safeguard ourselves.

I will confess … I did end up being a fanatic of sorts from May 2010 through September 2011 when I was dealing with my little girl, Kathryn, 24/7 while undergoing cancer treatments. With the immune system so low every one of the time, it is very vital not to come in contact with any type of virus or bacteria … So I confess, I brought the anti-bacterial wipes, disinfectant spray as well as the anti-bacterial hand gel anywhere! Every little thing had to be cleaned down prior to she can be found in call with it to lessen the chance of getting in touch with “a pest,” which would have been extremely harmful.

This is what triggered me to sit down and also write this. Kathryn’s twin sister, Michelle, lately had to go into the Emergency clinic for wooziness as well as headache. While there she entered into the back area to have the laboratory work done and when she was advised to go back and also being in the waiting space for the results.

When she and her dad first showed up there were two individuals in the waiting area, one broke a finger and also the various other had breast pains. In the back, nonetheless, every room was filled up and the nurse claimed that she was the only one in the previous four hours that had not been here due to the influenza. By the time she came back out after the lab job she counted concerning 10 individuals laying all over the place, coughing, sneezing, fever, throwing up with even more being available in the door! She sat far enough away from them and also called me.

I informed her to see if she could just obtain the medical facility to call her with results since you didn’t have the influenza as well as didn’t wish to stay to get it, if at all feasible. She said they were calling people right into the back as well as even more would certainly simply sit down where that individual got up … nobody was provided a mask, and nobody was disinfecting anything! This implies that when Michelle as well as her dad sat in the waiting space when they initially arrived, every one of the people in the back had been remaining on the same sofas as well as chairs! They needed to rest someplace, but we will certainly never ever know if anything was sanitized or sterilized in between patients … in the waiting area or in the lab area chairs and tables. Or do we?

Well, two days later … Bing, Bang, BOOM! Complete blown flu, for both of them!

This obtained me believing … how are you securing your clients, team and also on your own from catching this “flu insect” that seems to be taking over America? Some areas are worse than others, yet all of us need to think of this. Billions of dollars as well as productivity are being invested and lost from lost incomes as well as employee absenteeism for sick days.

Certainly, it is very important to constantly keep your day spa or beauty salon clean. It is essential to take steps in your health club or beauty salon to continue to operate during influenza as well as winter by maintaining your clients and staff healthy and balanced. By showing your clients that your health spa or hair salon company has their benefit and health at heart, you will most absolutely rack up significant commitment points! In addition to going above and also past when other organizations are not.

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